Saipan Society

Here are quick answers and summaries of topics. Fuller explanations and overviews are available in the Saipan Living Relocation Guide
Indigenous population
The indigenous population on Saipan is comprised of Chamorros and Carolinians.
Ethnicities/Cultures on Saipan
There are Americans, Filippinos, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan Korean people on Saipan. Most non-Americans are contract workers and/or business owners on investor visas.
Saipan has THREE official languages: Chamorro, Carolinian and English. One of the great things about living on Saipan is your access to people and cultures from all over the world. Chamorro, Carolinian, Chuukese, Tagalog (Philippines), Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (China), Russian, Bengali (Bangladeshi), Sinhalese and Tamil (Sri Lanka), English, and others are all spoken here.
Networks and Groups

• Writers
• Cyclists
• Body Builders
• Vegetarians
• Pet Lovers
Fun things to do!
Thursday Night Street Market View on Youtube
The first and original "Drive Through Saipan!" View on Youtube
5th Drive Through Saipan! Beach road through Susupe, past Joe Ten and past the court house. View on Youtube
The 6th Drive through Saipan! Capital Hill. View on Youtube
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Nightclubs and Bars on Saipan
Dancers groove to "Picture on the Wall" a Reggae favorite at the Flair Bar on the island of Saipan! View on Youtube
An adventurous goat goes sight seeing at a secret Saipan getaway spot! View on Youtube
A Russian couple is wed at the Grotto, Saipan's famous cavern dive. With King Neptune presiding over the vows, ring exchange and ceremonial sip of champagne, the happy couple begin their new life ... View on Youtube
View on Youtube

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