Discover for yourself what it's like to live, work vacation or retire on the Pacific island of Saipan, CNMI*! *Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, a US territory.
Doing Business on Saipan!

Overview of Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: The Case for Saipan
    Tax benefits, import/export advantages, minimum wage, historical background, geography all make a compelling case for doing business on Saipan. But, here's what you DON'T know that may be the best reasons of all!
  • Chapter 2: Elements of Opportunity
    This chapter paints the big picture of all the factors affecting the island at the moment, and how to understand the "perfect storm" that many feel is threatening the island's future, but which may be opportunities in disguise! Plus an EXTREMELY valuable list of business ideas, what's needed on the island (from interviews with long time residents and business owners), what's been tried before and why it failed, and much more! Features an exclusive interview with serial entrepreneur Anthony Pellegrino in which he reveals his secret to growing million-dollar companies on Saipan, and the unique opportunities hiding within federalization!
  • Chapter 3: Saipan Secrets
    You can't make money here unless you understand the people, the lifestyle, the habits, the subtleties of worldviews, culture, and language that make up the Saipan population. These are the ways of thinking and acting that no one ever tells you until you get here! You need to know this stuff!
  • Chapter 4: Starting a Saipan Business
    Step-by-step processes for getting your business license, getting zoning approval, incorporating, hiring employees, getting government agency approval, certification and much more!
  • Chapter 5: Business and Marketing Plan
    How to set yourself apart. How to reach your customers. Generating off-island income, and more!
  • Appendix:
    Forms, Resource Guides, Further Reading, Organizations, Associations, Agents and more...

  • Business idea charts

    Zoning requirements


    Forms and applications



    "Author Goodridge has done a fine job in introducing readers to Saipan, CNMI, USA, everything from some of the cultural aspects to the political climate. He carefully takes you through the various steps to follow in setting up a business, and what to expect along the way. He also lets you know how some of the business fields are already overflowing with shops such markets, massage parlors, and beauty salons. He suggests that you check out the location with a guide and on your own talking to dozens of people, and offers various web sites and blogs to follow. He offers the various forms needed, where the offices are, minmum wages and who your workers might be, immigration considerations, zoning laws, and the fees to be collected. His information is right on and thoughtful, and by reviewing this book, the investor might avoid pitfalls that not obvious in the beginning of the business project. Saipan is suffering an economic downturn in 2010, and the Legislature is trying to find ways of developing revenue, so beware of the various fees and regulations increasing before you make a move. A sincere evaluation of moving to Saipan, would include "rock fever," which basically means you are lonely and in isolation way out in the Pacific on a tiny (and beautiful) island. It's relaxing and peaceful but very remote. A perspective would include: Saipan is about the size of San Francisco; and is slightly larger than Hong Kong but smaller than the District of Columbia. Saipan has 46.5 square miles, while Jamaica has 4,411 square miles. "--Joseph Race, author of Moon Over Manila and many more...

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    On the Ground Business Services

  • Read The Top 3 FATAL Mistakes American Businesses Make While Doing Business on Saipan as a prelude to contacting Discovering Saipan Business Services
    Business Opportunities

    A full chapter based on interviews with business owners, long-time residents and government officials is included in Doing Business on Saipan (See above)

    What's Needed on Saipan

    A full chapter based on interviews with business owners, long-time residents and government officials is included in Doing Business on Saipan (See above)


    A new Zoning law is now in effect for Saipan. It may be downloaded free of charge at Zoning Board's website

    Saipanpreneur Success Stories

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